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Tailor made planning and scheduling software

Visual Planning offers a simple, easy to use, yet powerful solution to a wide range of businesses, of all sizes, from small, medium through to full enterprise solutions.

Solving Problems
See how Visual Planning makes solving business problems easy.

Save Time
Discover how the in-built features can help you save time.

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Are you having these planning issues?

Are you finding it hard to get at both the detail and the overview in your spreadsheet?

Are you relying on your key staff to ‘just know’ what is going on? What happens when they are off?

Are you finding it hard to merge data from elsewhere in the business into your schedules?

Streamline Your Operations and Drive Productivity

Visual Planner offers a simple to use, yet very powerful planning and scheduling solution to a wide range of businesses and of all sizes, from small, medium through to full corporate solutions. Here are the key features.

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    Drag and Drop Scheduling

    Our user friendly interface is easy to learn and is key to the operation of the software.

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    Business Rules

    Define constraints for each category of tasks to prevent double booking, over allocation, etc. to suit your business.

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    Mobile Everything

    Remote users can access and update anything on any mobile devices directly in the field.

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    Custom Interfaces

    Personalise schedules and dashboards and customise displays and input editors.

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    Control Workloads

    Identify and smooth out workload peaks to maximise resource efficiency. Generate real time reports.

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    Multiple Views

    Switch views and ‘flip’ the perspective on your data quickly and easily.

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Thousands of Companies use Visual Planning

Below are some existing users from across Europe. Many have benefitted from our customisation and training skills coupled with our extensive business knowledge.