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The fully fledged resource management solution

Tailored Workspaces

Visual Planning is built to suit your business, so that you don’t have to bend your business to suit the software. There are a range of interfaces that can all be tailored to match your business workflow, information flow, methods of input, etc. These include Workspaces, Input Editors and Forms.

Workspaces allow you to ‘flip’ the perspective based on dimensions, e.g. Jobs or Staff or Machines. As all information is associated with an event, Visual Planning can simply change the viewing point, unlike a spreadsheet, where information is in a cell and not associated with an event. The layout of information (dimensions or resources) is totally configurable, so is the information seen, on event bars or via ‘hover over’.

Colours and icons make it easy to understand what is going on and can be used to calculate deadlines, etc. and change colour based on thresholds.

Other interfaces include Input Editors, Forms and even VP Portal forms.

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