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The fully fledged resource management solution

Multiple Dimensions & Resources

Visual Planning is able to manage simple or complex scenarios because it can relate a wide variety of data headings, often called dimensions and resources and present this information in a highly visible style and in relation to each of the multiple-dimensions that you may have.

What Is A Dimension?

A dimension could be anything, but typically it will include one or more of the following – Clients, Jobs, Staff, Activities (e.g. working roles or non-working, such as holidays/sick/training). It may include Machines, Assets, Vehicles, Locations, etc.

A resource might then be an actual order set against the Job Dimension, or a member of Staff against the Staff Dimension.

Our consultants will typically sort all of this out for you as part of the demo or build phases of any project to build an application for you, so don’t worry if you don’t have the in-house skills to work it all out. This is what we do all day long, so we know how to do it.