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Analysis Of Your Needs

You know that you need a scheduling solution, but don’t know where to start from. Don’t worry! Our talented consultants are here to help.

At the beginning of your project, we assign a consultant to you, to help you to define your requirements and to talk through how you work and your business processes.
The consultant will then create a customised demo using a representative sample of your activity, so that you can see how Visual Planning fits perfectly with your business.

At Oakfield, we make sure that you have the best schedule possible to help you to operate more efficiently.

Configuration and Build

Visual Planning is highly intuitive, easy to use and readily customised to suit your needs. In order to ensure this user-friendly presence and a good fit for your business from the outset, the solution needs to be initially configured. We perform this for you to ensure the structure of the workspaces, roles, filters, indicators and even user rights.

This service is key to making sure that you get the best from Visual Planner right from the start of use. Our consultants are highly trained in configuring solutions and are all used to business needs.

Integration and Data Exchange

It is likely that you will already have existing systems and solutions in place, maybe payroll, time recording, order management, CRM, ERP, MRP, etc. Visual Planning can be integrated with such systems to allow you to receive information from or send information to them.

The in-built options include: csv, xls, xlsx, MsAccess, MySQL, SQLserver, Oracle.


For Cloud clients, we do all of the work. For on-premise, see our Installation Support Guide.


Training is available at any time. Initial training is usually provided around the time of your install. We usually provide basic training and then let you discover how the system works for a while before considering Advanced Training, but this can be set to suit your staff.

Configuration and Optimisation

As with training, we are able to come back at any time to provide additional support with configuration and optimisation of your planner(s). This is usually provided in half or full days.




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