The fully fledged resource management solution


Visual Planning licences can be provided as hosted/cloud based OR on-premise. Both are the same licences and software, which you chose will depend on how you intend to use the software and whether you want to rent it or buy it.


Cloud licences are hosted by us on our servers. All you need is access to the internet and a suitable device. Dedicated cloud servers are available.


On-Premise licences are provided electronically and are installed, by you, on your own servers.


A named licence is set against an individual and this ensures that they can always get onto the system when they log-in. Their licence is fixed for them.

A floating licence is shared between as many users as you want and is provided on a fist come, first server basis. The licences, often called concurrent licences, allow each licence to be taken up until your limit is reached. So, if you have 10 floating Visual Planning Enterprise licences, when the 11th user tries to log-in, they will be told that the number of licences has been exceeded. When someone logs out, they can then log in.

VP Portal

This is an HTML5 view of your data, seen in real time and ideal for restricted access or remote use, perhaps on an tablet or mobile.

All VP Portal licences are floating licences, with access controlled via User Rights Management.


There are many other options that can be configured within Visual Planning, such as VP Publisher, VP Mail, Geolocation, SMS, RSS, iCal. Other functionality is in-built within the software, such as Chat Rooms, Forums and the API to allow you to setup and manage your own imports/exports with other solutions or legacy platforms.

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