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Functional Support is typically when a user can’t perform a task or get the software to perform how they want it to.

Shout Pack

Simple telephone support. Provided in 15 min sessions within 30 days of initial installation.

Support Tokens

Ideal for medium sized chunks of work or support. Can be taken at any time and do not expire. Can’t be used to replace larger work, which needs to be performed by Consultancy. (See PDF)


Designed for larger support, training or development and optimisation work. Can be taken in half or full days.


Technical Support is when the system is simply not working or performing as it should. It does not include inability to make it do something, just if it isn’t working.

Support Portal

Allows for remote updates to the Technical Support Team, in Paris. To open A New Hot Ticket you will need your Username (found on your Delivery Note) and your Password.

Also link to resources. (See PDF)


A Maintenance Contract is required to gain Tech Support and Software Updates.


Software upgrades are free to all clients with a current Maintenance Contract. These are applied by Stilog I.S.T. for all cloud based clients. For on-premise clients you can Download Updates from the main site. You will need to know your Serial Number and this can be found by opening up your software and checking within ‘About Visual Planning’. If in doubt, please contact your IT department for support.


Included for all Cloud Customers. Includes: Setup, Backups, Upgrades, Bug Fixes, Bandwidth, Storage.


Required for Technical Support. Licences are delivered electronically. Clients to provide their own server, bandwidth and to perform their own backups, upgrades and installation. Installation Support is available.


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