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To ensure that you can find things easily on our site, we have included this resources page to guide you through to some key items.



  • Workspace – A workspace is an area used to display a specific set of data. It can show multiple elements, such as a schedule, resources, financial information, workloads, etc. Different workloads can be used to provide a different perspective on the same data. For example, one workspace might show Jobs with staff events on the schedule, and another with Staff down the left, with Jobs on the schedule, etc. Reports and dashboards may be shown in another workspace. These work areas can be public or private.
  • Workload – A workload is used to show the utilisation of any resource during a period. Multiple workloads can be used and they can represent different calculations.
  • Concurrent (or Floating) Licence – A Concurrent licence is a shared licence. It is not fixed to a named individual, instead you can associate as many names with concurrent licences as you want, but use/access will be restricted (at any point in time) to the maximum number of licences that you have. For example, if you have 30 staff and 10 concurrent licences, any 10 members of staff can use these licences at any point in time.


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