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There are several key issues that are key in this sector, they vary from company to company, but tend to be similar versions of the same issue for most. The main issue is co-ordinating sites with a central planner, often kept and maintained at a central office. There are usually lots of machines and plant to be moved from one place to another and this brings with it another set of problems. Staff need to be correctly skilled, at the right location and have the correct licences or permits to be able to perform the task for that client at that site.


Visual Planning not only allows you to store and retrieve large amounts of relevant data, but it presents it in an easy to use, easy to access manner. So, you can switch views or perspectives on the same data, seeing things by client/site or by staff or simply by assets.

By linking all the information together, seamlessly and behind the scenes, the user interface remains simple, but the power of the system allows you to dig deep into your information and present it is the right style for each audience, whether it be a site foreman, a finance director or a delivery driver.

Accessing or holding all the required information in a single solution allows you to check details without going outside of the system, e.g. checking that a driver has a suitable licence, or that a sparky has an up to date certificate.

As all the information is stored together, it also allows cross over benefits. So, if you hold times worked by a staff member on a job, you can then instantly view the same data by client, job, staff and position, as well as output timesheets, attendance records, overtime and check workloads.


If you would like to discuss how Visual Planning could help you to share information across sites, between teams and to gain more from your planning and scheduling, call us for a free demo.


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