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Events & Services


When you are running an events or services business, you need to manage a constantly moving beast. Initial plans can be based on assumptions that are wrong, then clients move the goalposts and finally, when the venue and dates have been agreed, you have to organise a wide variety of resources, from staff to equipment and from deliveries to collections.

Any system you implement must manage all the above and provide an overview, a detailed view and be readily understood by all, be shared to all that need to see it and work on it and include enough detail to permit everyone to perform fully and efficiently.

Finally, it is important that it maximises your resources, communicates effectively at all levels and that it is up to date. This means it must be real time, collaborative and operate on any device, anywhere.


Visual Planning enables multiple perspectives and detail to be worked on and shared at an enterprise level. Relevant data is easily collected, imported and manipulated within Visual Planning and its ‘drag and drop’ functionality reduces training time and improves user take up due to its simple design layouts.

The use if icons, colours and text makes it easy to visualise even the most complex of information and workspaces, filters and searches means that users only see relevant data. Real time updates keep it accurate and improve communications at all levels.

By tailoring the design to your business, Visual Planning ensures that your business processes, workflows and business rules are catered for and minimise the time spent building your schedules and maximise your returns on resources.


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