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Pressures on manufacturing resources often come from both sales and production departments. Sales may well push for an order to achieve a target or client deadline and production may well be constrained by other factors, such as supply, maintenance work or other orders.

Visibility and communication, however, are usually just the symptoms of the problem, the ability to juggle all of the competing requirements in a single solution, that can cope with multiple inputs, data sources and then both plan and schedule all of these resources is usually the key. Even when an in initial schedule has been created, can it then be easily changed in light of new information and does it maximise the returns for the business, measured both by utilisation and financially.


To control and manage all of the varying and competing demands it is essential to collect all relevant data (maybe from a legacy system) and then to simply and quickly create a schedule that maximises resource utilisation. Visual Planning can be rapidly tailored to hold your data and to then provide a platform for this to be viewed and shared collaboratively, thus improving communication and visibility in one go.

By presenting data in a suitable format for each audience or user group, Visual Planning speeds up all stages of the planning and scheduling process and as all data is accessed from within a single solution, there is no requirement to go elsewhere for other data, such as machine maintenance schedules, workloads, holidays, etc.

Visual Planning can manage highly complex patterns, collect relevant financial data and present this in a simple format to users, which is highly visual in its’ presentation style, yet is often based on complex calculations and linked or associated data.


To find out how Visual Planning has worked with small, medium and enterprise level manufacturing both in the UK and throughout Europe, call us for your free demonstration.


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