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To effectively manage a training schedule typically requires several key elements to be controlled and viewed. It is not enough to simply schedule courses and then allocate a trainer and then delegates. It is also key to check locations, rooms, equipment and the training path of delegates.

For many, a spreadsheet is still the tool used to perform this task, but they struggle when there are multiple dimensions and resources, as described above. A spreadsheet may be able to show a single view of this information, but will not then be able to ‘flip’ this data to allow it to be seen from a different position, e.g. from ‘by course’ to ‘by trainer’ or ‘by site’.

Another key issue is the ability to be able to lookup and check against other relevant data, such as checking for conflicts when booking, ensuring that deadlines are met or that staff are trained correctly according to their roles.


Training requires a considerable amount of manipulation of data, often linked together and almost always complex in its’ nature. Each element may be simple, such as a room, but when linked to a course, a trainer, delegates and equipment, then it all becomes too much for a spreadsheet.

Visual Planning provides a simple user front end, with ‘drag and drop’ functionality, to keep the management task looking simple, yet looking after all the associated data in the back end. Through VP Portal, an even simpler interface then allows this information to be presented to and even updated by, remote users, such as trainers.

Where specific resources are required, that are in short supply, features such as constraints, rules and workloads will be key to the early stages of planning. Where the skills of trainers are limited, then it may be key to determining when you hire more skills or when you outsource. In this instance, it may also be relevant to collect relevant finance data and for this to be readily available to the appropriate decision makers.


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