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Transport can create many problems, whether it be scheduling deliveries, checking staff availability and that they have the correct licences to perform a task, through to training and manufacturing. For many, it is telematics or route planning, for others it is simply checking availability of assets, whether they be trucks, trailers or drivers.

With all of the above, it is nearly always being checked and controlled in a fast moving environment where information needs to be shared at different levels within a business and amongst different user groups. For example, sales will want to check activities by client, despatch may want to see when loads will be ready to allocate them to loads and vehicles and staff will want to know what they are doing.


Whatever your issues, Visual Planning allows you to perform both overview planning as well as the detailed allocation of resources to a schedule. It preforms this in real time, regardless of the number of users on the system, and can then share this, wherever the user is located and on any device. As Visual Planning stores all key data and performs the complex links ‘behind the scenes’, users only see a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface or a cut down view via their tablet or mobile.
Collecting data and being able to make quick changes is usually the key in this sector. Being able to change perspectives on the same data and at the same time know that you are not conflicting elsewhere in the business, is highly important. Visual Planning allows you to collect what is relevant to you and to change the status of an event at any time.

Specific to Transport are features such as SMS and email alerts, Geo Location and remote access via VP Portal. Bringing together central control and remote information is key to collaborative working, gaining the most from limited resources and providing visibility at all levels of the business.


To see how we have helped Accor, Colas Rail, Hertz, First Great Western, Keolis, Southeastern Trains,  Govia Thameslink and Renault then call us for your free demonstration.


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