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For many large organisations, such as modern utility companies, it is the scale of the information that tends to be the starting point. Many systems and solutions can provide an overview but then fail to be able to take this down to the detail level within the same solution.

Enterprise solutions need to be collaborative and in real time to be effective and to allow users to trust the data they are being given. They need to provide an effective planning solution at the top level and then schedulers must then be able to progress these plans and effectively and efficiently allocate resources against them.


Visual Planning provides many valuable functions, as standard. With a flexible approach to design, you can construct a solution that matches your specific requirements, business processes and workflows. Solutions are built around your business and provide real time collaborative working, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Once the key constraints are removed, it is then important to capture and collect the right data and for this to be presented in a suitable format for each set of users or stakeholders. Visual Planning provides several formats for presentation as well as a cut down version, VP Portal, ideal for remote users. Presentations and what users see can be controlled via User Rights Management, thus splitting information up.

Business rules, constraints and workloads can all be used to determine how you use the system to drive efficiency and to maximise the utilisation of your resources. Filters and searches can also be used to speed up repeat and specific searches for data and icons, colours and text can all be used to make it all clear to the user. The simple ‘drag and drop’ user interface, ensures minimal training is required, with a high take up, due to familiarity with all key functions.


If you would like to find out how we have helped major clients, such as EDF, Total, France Telecom and others, then call us to talk through your requirements and to receive your free demo.

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