Anywhere, Any Device

The fully fledged resource management solution

Anywhere, Any Device

Visual Planning can be available ANYTIME, ANY WHERE and on ANY DEVICE, subject only to your configuration. It can also be used on any device with internet access .

Visual Planning comes in several packages and formats. The most common is Visual Planning Enterprise. This is a PC based solution and is ideal for planners/schedulers and heavy users. Read Only versions are available for users who just want to keep up to date with events, perhaps using dashboards.

A ‘light’ version, called VP Portal, allows for access on a PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile device and is presented using HTML5 on any browser with an interenet connection. This option uses concurrent use or floating licences to help keep the costs down, especially for larger organisations.

Access to Visual Planning can be made from any number of locations, subject only to your configuration and internet or VPN access.

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