Data Integration

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Data Integration

Visual Planning has an in-built API to allow for the import (or export) of data from (to) other systems, such as spreadsheets, csv files or databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) or with legacy systems or ERP and MRP systems or SAP, MS Nav, etc. There is no limit to the volume of data that can be managed and handled or stored within Visual Planning. This data can then be sent to the correct location within Visual Planning, as configured to suit your business.

Data can also be collected within Visual Planning using standard or tailored input editors or via forms. VP Portal (an html5 version of the software, ideal for use on a tablet or mobile and usually available anywhere with an internet connection) also allows for the collection and transmission of data back into the main Enterprise System.


The Visual Planning API to allows for manual, automatic or direct (via web services) imports/exports. These can be configured to import data into ‘contexts’ to allow for the import or any resource, such as Jobs, etc. Our consultants will be happy to talk you through this option and to see how it could best work for your business.

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