Manage Complex Data

The fully fledged resource management solution

Manage complex data

Visual Planning allows for complex data to be simply ‘dragged and dropped’ within a schedule. All information is linked together, so you simply add it, move it, delete it or edit it. The links allow you to perform some complex calculations and gain valuable financial insight, or see multiple resources within a single event. Both allow you to then use this information and see it from different perspectives, such as by collecting hours worked on a job, you can both count hours per job/client as well hours/cost by staff and then extrapolate timesheets and unused time, etc.

This is simply not possible in spreadsheets, as they do not allow you to view the data from multiple perspectives and to link other resources to an event or to attach document/files, etc. Likewise, on a whiteboard you cannot shift whole sets of information or store historical data for future reference or to build up an on-going picture.

You decide what you show on an event bar, what you calculate from resources or events and what you see through dashboards or reports.

Another key feature of Visual Planning is the ability to import/export vast amounts of data, from databases, spreadsheets or csv files allowing for real time updates from XRP/MRP or existing database solutions. This in-built API allows for wide ranging customisation and is easy to manage and re-configure in-house (or we can do it for you).

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